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TFC on Roku

TFC Online ( can now be watched on Roku devices and Roku Smart TV

TFC Online is now as available on Roku devices (i.e. Roku Ultra, Roku Express, Roku Express +, or Roku Streaming Stick) or Roku enabled SMART TV.  A subscription is required thru Roku after purchasing a roku device.  The device needs to be activated via Ruko website. It looks complicated but it is really not.

However, for simplicity you can still get FREE IPTV TFC box from our TFC Order Page.  There is promotion running normally. Check out our promotion section or home page.

TFC Roku FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  1. Can I use my TFC Everywhere or subscription with Roku?  Yes. 
  2. Is Roku like an IPTV TFC box. Yes, except that TFC IPTV box is has only an app designed for TFC services (i.e. channels) while Roku can have several apps that can be downloaded (i.e., netflix, amazon prime, etc)
  3.  How much does Roku devices cost? Prices depends on the model.  It starts from $40 to over $100 for more advance features such as 4K viewing but look out for promotions on this website.
  4. Can you buy Roku devices from TFC or TFC Dealers?  For now, NO.
  5. Where can you buy Roku devices? You can buy them online or some electronics store.
  6. How much is TFC Online on Roku costs?  Between  $7.99-16.99/month or but you save lots when you prepay for 1 year. Prices subject to taxes.
  7. Does roku or TFC Online needs internet? YES.
  8. How to setup Roku?  Refer to website. Click here for a installation.
  9. How to install TFC  Online on Roku? Follow this link if you have already a Roku device and ready to install TFC on Roku.



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