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THIS EQUIPMENT INSTALLMENT AGREEMENT is made as of _____________, by and among ABS-CBN Canada ULC, a corporation duly organized and existing under the laws of Alberta, Canada with principal offices at 411 Richmond Street East Suite 203, Toronto, Ontario M5A3S5 ("Seller"), and ________________________________________________________ , an individual, (the "Customer"), residing at ______________________________________________________________________________

______________________________________________________________ with respect to the Customer’s purchase of TFC-IPTV Set-Top Box under the Sulit Tipid payment scheme.

I _____________________________________, have fully understood the requirements of the promotion/payment scheme I am subscribing to and, hereby agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. I have signed the TFC Subscription Application Form (SAF) and I have purchased the IPTV Set Top Box under the Sulit Tipid (Installment) payment scheme. I have paid the 1st month installment amounting to $8.00 (+applicable tax) and agree and promise to settle the remaining balance of the equipment cost.

  1. I agree to activate the box within three (3) months upon date of delivery.

  1. If STB remains inactive or not activated after 3 months from delivery date, the remaining full cost of the Set Top Box amounting to $88 (+applicable taxes) shall become and shall immediately be due and payable to ABS-CBN Canada ULC.

  1. I agree to send payment through:

    1. Credit card (provide credit card details)

    2. Cheque or Money Order payable to::


P.O. Box 82590

351 Queen Street East

Toronto ON, M5A 1T8

  1. I am not allowed to transfer ownership of the Set Top Box or my subscription to TFC.

  1. The Set Top Box under this promotion can only be used for TFC service.

This Agreement forms part of the Subscription Agreement Form signed by the client.

Customer Name & Signature

___________________________________________ _________________________________

Print Name & Sign Above Date