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As if Jan 1, 2020: ALL Information on this website will be used for archiving purposes only for the old TFC IPTV video on Demand services.  

Detailed Breakdown Different TFC Packages (bundles):

TFC Pricing and contents


Current 'The Filipino Channel' (TFC) Pricing Packages 

TFC Premium ( $29.95/month) - Live and Video-on-Demand Package - All Channel Access (TFC, Sport and Action, ANC, Cinema One Global, Karaoke, Radio, Lifestyle Channel) Plus bonus of TFC Everywhere.

TFC LITE ($19.95/month)- TFC Channel Video-on-Demand ONLY Package - (Most current Filipino TV shows, up-to-date TFC series of News, Drama (teleseryes), Games Show, Reality Shows, Talk Shows, Comedy, Travel & Lifestyle, Religious) Plus bonus of ANC Channel (News) 

TFC LITE PLUS NEW ($22.95/month)- Includes all TFC Lite Package and a CHOICE of either Cinema One Global (COG) or Sports or Lifestyle Channel

Sports and Action Channel  - Live and Video-on-Demand Package - Sports, comedy & some reality shows,  ANC (NEWS)  - $8.95/month

CINEMA ONE Channel - Live and Video-on-Demand
 Package - Classic Movies and Classic Teleseryes plus ANC (NEWS) -  $8.95/month

LIFESTYLE Channel - Live and Video-on-Demand Package - Fashion and Lifestyle Shows plus ANC (NEWS) -  $8.95/month

NOTE: New Packages are ONLY available only on the new TFC box, only 1 year contract for all the new packages!

Scroll down for the detailed break down of the pricing plans below and TFC bundled packages. 



Call 1-888-400-7996

TFC Pricing Note(s):

a.) TFC box must be activated within 7 days, if not TFC box will be automatically activated on the 8th day therefore. Contract will be in effect, monthly charges  and  Pre-termination fees apply for any cancellation.
b.) Cancellation fee will be charged in the amount of $125 plus applicable taxes if TFC order is cancelled or refused any reason before activation.  Customer must surrender the unopened TFC box.
c.) 1 year contract applies to  all subscription.
d.) 1st month is required to secure order thru credit card
e.) Highspeed internet service with at least 2 Mbps download speed is require for proper operation of the TFC box.

- Store local pickup is no longer available as of October 1, 2010 but you can always order through us online or by phone or from nearest TFC Dealers and we can ship it to you at no extra cost. For your convenience, you can order through us, we have affiliate TFC dealers all over the country.

** Subject to change without notice

 Call and reserve your TFC box now and start enjoying all best the TFC can offer you. We have a variety of shows that would cater to your needs. We have action pack and thrilling shows if you looking for some excitement. We have heart warming shows, variety and games shows and children's show for those who simply like to be entertained.  Do you need to laugh, try our new comedy shows line up.  We have religious shows and special concerts.  We have educational and most update to date sports and news! See our current TFC programs line up now.

Local store pickup as of October 1, 2010 is no longer available but you can always call to order or from nearest TFC Dealers and  call any TFC Hotline Number. We can ship it to you at no extra cost. 

For your convenience, you can order through us. We have affiliate TFC Dealers throughout the Canada.


We are taking orders now

 We are taking orders now

Still not sure ... Need more information ... Here is a brief product information:

TFC on IPTV Video on Demand Platform

– Is the best way of watching TFC because it is “On-Demand”
– No need to wait for the schedule of your favorite programs because you have the control to watch your favorite programs on your most convenient time.

What is “On-Demand”?
– Its getting your favourite programming any time, day or night.
– Now you can watch what you want, when you want.

• Basic Requirements for Subscribing to TFC on IPTV
– High speed broadband internet (at least 2 mbps)
– TV Set
– TFC Subscription Form

Want some samples of our shows? Visit our TFC Video Section

 Please do not hesitate to contact us at 647-367-5609 or any of the TFC hotline numbers or email us at or fill the form below for more information or question.

Also, check out our refer-a-friend (RAF) page for more information on how you could get be rewarded every time you successfully Refer-A- Friend (RAF) to TFC.  To avail, customer must be an active TFC subscriber and TFC Account is in good standing during the referral period.


We are taking orders now.

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