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Effective Oct 1, 2010. ABS-CBN Canada has cancelled all consignment of TFC boxes to all their agents and dealers.  Therefore, there is no more local pick-ups. All purchases will be shipped by courier.

 To subscribe to TFC is simple, purchase a TFC box by either paying outright for the TFC box or pay the 1st payment of the any  of the installment plans.  The box will be shipped by courier - see below on plans with FREE shipping.


Option 1B - Pay by Credit Card (CC) by Subscription Form

--- FREE Shipping & Handling (S&H) for any of the installment plan otherwise $19.95 applies ---


1. Choose the 'TFC Plan that's right for you': VIP or LITE (see TFC Pricing Plan)

2. Decide on Outright or Installment payment scheme


Pay Credit Card (CC) by subscription form:

Please download the Customer Sign Up Form (SAF).  Print and Fill-up the Service Agreement Form (SAF). Make sure to complete the credit card information section of the SAF carefully.

a) Write on top "SulitTipid28" to get SulitTipid 28 - IPTV Lite installment plan and FREE shipping. 

b.) Write on top "SulitTipid38" to get SulitTipid 38 - IPTV Lite installment plan and FREE shipping.

c.) Write on top "Promo100 - VIP" for VIP plan or Write on top "Promo100 - LITE" for LITE plan for outright payment ($100 plus applicable taxes) and $19.99 shipping applies but comes with one month FREE TFC subscription.

d.) Write on topthe "promo name"  if there are new promotions or specials. (i.e. winter promo or clearance sale).

Fax to 416-477-9044 or "scan, and attached in email" to


IMPORTANT: Please send a note confirming confirming transmission of fax to to avoid delay in processing.



TFC box will not be processed for shipment until PAYMENT and Subscription Application Subscription (SAF) are processed.  No PO BOX numbers please, someone has to receive and accept the delivery.


Your information is safe with us.  We will not sell or share your information.



Attention New or Current TFC Subscriber !!!


Get 2 Months FREE TFC service when you successfully refer-a-friend (RAF) to TFC.  Find out more