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Welcome to TFC Installation Page!

This is a general support area where you could find the most common technical questions about TFC Installation.  If you are experiencing Technical issue with your TFC box please contact Technical Support # 1-855-832-2632. It is open 24x7. 

 Basic TFC Installation 

WIRED Procedure, simpliest and supported by TFC Support

(Similar instructions came with the TFC box)

1. Connect TFC IPTV Video on Demand SetTop box (STB) to TV input (CRA cables included)

2. Connect TFC IPTV Video on Demand SetTop box (STB) to Internet Router (Cat5 network cable included)

3. Switch TV input to Video (If connection is complete, a TFC toll free number will appear after 1 minute TFC IPTV box initialization)

(For any TFC installation support, please call 1-888-216-1671 anytime)

4. Call the TFC toll free activation number shown on the screen to activate the TFC Video on Demand SetTop box (STB)

5. Enjoy your new TFC Canada service! Watch all the best Filipino TV shows available! 

Note: Feel free to send us any feedback at or the form on our About Us page 

TFC Installation (ADVANCED)

 (Most of these procedures are not supported by ABSCBN Technical Support.  No support will be given and use at own risk.  See disclaimier below)

Option 1:  Use TFC Wireless Adapter (Detailed instructions came with the TFC box or contact TFC Support)

  1. Simply connect USB Antenna that came with the TFC Box to one of the USB port.
  2. Turn on TFC box and go to wireless settings and locate your SSID or wireless network.  Enter the corresponding wireless key or password.  

Option 2:  Use Powerline Networking Adapters (Wall Mount Ethernet Bridge) to connect TFC box to internet router. 


Just simply go to the article below to know more about this method.

This recommended advanced way of connecting both the Silver or Black TFC boxes.  We can say this is Hybrid Wireless TFC.

Basic steps using this method:

1. Plugin to the first powerline adapter near the TFC box and wire the TFC box to it as if it is the internet router.

2. Plugin the second powerline adapter near the internet router, wire it to one of the available ports on the internet router.

As simple as that. You should be able to watch TFC.  You may need to reboot TFC box to receive new IP address.

Note: If you run into problem, you may have a home that the electrical wiring are not interconnected or not properly wired. I have seen finished basement is wired differently than the rest of the house since it was completed later.  This is very rare. 

We got our powerline bridge at  TechSource computer store. The model number is DGP-PL85

See this link for more technical information for DGP-PL85:

Option 3: Wireless TFC: (Only for the Silver TFC box)


A. Wireless Router or Access Point is capable of WEP authentication and is set to provide DHCP IP address (by default, it is set as DHCP server).  

Note:  It is better to use the different IP range than the default settings of the router.  For example, use 192.168.10.x instead of default of 192.168.0.x.  Check your router user manual how to do this.

B. Wireless name aka SSID does not have any special characters or space.  For example it should be "DLINKROUTER" not "DLINK ROUTER"

C. Wireless should be capable of using Wireless G and B communications.

D. Wireless Key or password should have no special characters and spaces as well. Use WEP authentication ONLY and Open System not shared key.

E.  Internet speed service is not less than 3 Mbps / 256Kbps service (also known as Lite Cable Internet service).  See article that reviews Lite cable internet service for TFC as to why we do not recommend it.


1. Please make sure wireless router is configure as discussed with aboves considerations.

2. Test wireless connections if it works with other wireless devices especially with a laptop /computer. Do speedtest from before attempting to go the next task.  If signal is not good, stop here otherwise TFC box will have the same problem.

3. If speed is good then, make sure TFC box antenna is attached.

4. Turn on TFC box that is connected to the TV and wired to the router

5. On the TFC remote control, press the "SETUP"(Yellow button)

6. Select Network Configuration by pressing OK button

7. Use arrow down, to select WLAN, press OK button

8. Press "INFO" button, to scan for available wireless network

9. Select your wireless network from the list (hopefully, only yours is listed, if not you may run into wireless interference later on)

10. Press "Vol -"  (volume down) to move to password box

11. Type your password using the virtual keyboard on the screen using the arrow keys to move around.  If you make a mistake, simply use the virtual backspace key. When you are done and sure of the password, select the virtual Return key (green colour).

12. If everything went well, you should have see the IP Address assigned to your TFC box. Otherwise, you may have entered the wrong password.  Remeber password is case sensitive.  If you still cannot get it to work, then either there is wrong with the wireless component of the TFC or signal is not good or the considerations above were not adhered.

If you made it work, then congratulations you can unhook the network cable but we do not recommend this, since you will not get any support from TFC / ABSCBN.  Wireless TFC is also prone to radio interference such as radio waves from other wireless devices and microwave.

Option 4: Use Windows Internet Sharing with a LAPTOP 

Basic Concept:  Use a laptop to get your internet service through existing wireless networking in the home. Connect your laptop to your TFC box as if it is your internet router.  This is almost the same as using Option 1: Powerline Adapter.

This is an option when you have a black box that no longer have the wireless capability.  However, you can use the same setup with the Silver TFC box.  


A. Wireless router should NOT providing DHCP IP addresses on this network: 192.168.0.x.  It means that your wireless network should be different from 192.168.0.x like 192.168.1.x.  Where x could be any number from 1 to 254.

To check this, simply connect to you wireless network, open up Command Prompt by typing CMD on the RUN / Start Search from the START Button.  Type IPCONFIG on the command windows and check the result looking for "Wireless LAN Adapter Wireless Network Connection.  If the IPv4 Address starts with 192.168.0. then this will not work for you. You need to reconfigure your wireless network with different IP. Consult your wireless router user manual.

B. Your Laptop/PC should have both Ethernet port and wireless adapter and has windows XP SP2 and higher.

C.  Internet speed should be fast, do a speedtest on the internet to check. Minimum requirement is 1 Mbps but the recommended speed is 2 Mbps.

D. Be willing, not to be able to use your laptop each time you need to use TFC box.  You could technically if you have a long network cable to the TFC box and your laptop. However, if the internet speed is already slow then you will just slow it down when you use your internet on the laptop.

Basic Steps:

1. Follow procedure from this MS Article below how to setup Windows Internet Sharing.

2. Once it configured.  Simply wire the TFC box to the ethernet port of the laptop or PC. 

Note: Make sure to always, turn on the laptop first and connected to internet then power on the TFC box. If the TFC box does not get an IP, it may help to do a cold reboot by  switching on and off the TFC box.  For Silver TFC box, there is a toggle switch at the back.  For the Black box, unplugging the power should do the trick.


Option 5:  Use Wireless Bridging or Repeater

This is the most complicated setup but also proven to have worked with the silver or black box.  This is another hybrid Wireless TFC.  Basically, two wireless routers or access point device  will communicate to each other and provide network / internet service through wireless to attached device. In this case, the TFC box.  This is very similar to option 1 - Powerline network adaptor.

Basic Instructions:

1. Configure  two wireless routers / Access Point to use wireless bridging with Internet service. 

For more information, see article below:

2. Wire TFC Box to one of the Wireless Bridge to receive internet.

Note:  We used 2 TP-LINK TPWR340G for this setup.  It came with instruction how to configure wireless bridging without doing any hacking on the firmware.



Disclaimer:  We, at Jorards Communications, have tested all setups and it has proven to work however we do not guarantee any of these methods / instructions to work for everyone. It requires some technical knowledge to do most of the tasks.  We still recommend "wired" TFC installation setup. Use the information at its own risk.

Feel free to send us any feedback at or the form on our About Us page 


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