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As if Jan 1, 2020: ALL Information on this website will be used for archiving purposes only for the old TFC IPTV video on Demand services.  
TFC Everywhere - Watch Online

 TFC Everywhere is complimentary (FREE) online access to TFC Canada IPTV Premium subscriber to watch their TFC premium subscription on a computer, laptop, Iphone*, Itouch* or Ipad* or Adroid devices*.  TFC Everwhere allows TFC Premium subscibers to access the same TFC content than can be accessed on the TFC Set-Top Box at the same time on another supported device (computer, laptop, Iphone*, Itouch* or Ipad* or Adroid devices*) anywhere else where internet is available with a properly activated user account.  Take TFC Everywhere to the road with your Iphone** or Ipad* or Android Device* with WIFI (or data plan) or  just use it on as second TFC TV *** .

NOTE: TFC Everywhere does not work with Roku.  Please follow this link to know more about TFC on Roku devices (i.e. Roku Ultra, Roku Express, Roku Express +, or Roku Streaming Stick).

Get your TFC Premium now and Enjoy this new complimentary TFC Everywhere service!! Call us now at 1-888-400-7996 ext 1 to order your TFC Premium. 



After you activated order of TFC Premium, you will received an email like this to ACTIVATE TFC EVERYWHERE: (please check your inbox within 1-4 hours after activation)


From: xxxx <xxxxxxxxxxt>

Date: Fri, 201x at 12:13 PM
Subject: TFC everywhere activation
To: your_email


Good DAy!

We are very glad to inform you that as one of our valued TFC subscribers, you may now activate your free TFC online access (TFC Everywhere). 

Please follow these easy instructions below: 
1.Visit our website at
2.Click on “Register” button located at the upper right side corner of the screen. 
3.If you have a social networking account (e.g. Facebook / Twitter, etc.), you may use it to register. Just click on your preferred social networking icon. Otherwise, click on “Don’t’ want to use your social network account? Click here.” 
4.The first name, last name, location and email address that you will use should be the same with your TFC on Demand (IPTV) account. 
5.Verify your registration through the email notification that will be sent to your registered email address after completion of the registration page. 
6.Go back to website then sign in to your registered account. 
7.Below the scrolling pictures at the home page, click on “ACTIVATE TFC EVERYWHERE”. 
8.Enter your Set Top Box “MAC ID:”001FXXXXXXXX or account number CA-0000XXXXX
9.Enter the activation code YYYYY.   
10.Tick the check box for the “Terms of Service and Acceptability Use Policy”. 
11.Click on ACTIVATE NOW. 
Upon successful activation, you may click on “START WATCHING” and then you will be directed to the multi-channel page wherein all videos that you are entitled to watch are listed. You may now enjoy watching your favorite Kapamilya shows/programs.

Thank you for your continued support and patronage! 

Your Kapamilya,



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Attention !!!

Just in case TFC Everywhere site or site is not working please use this link below to access your or TFC Everywhere contents: 

For TFC.TV users please consider getting TFC Box with Premium subscription and get TFC Everywhere for FREE.  Goto TFC Benefits to get more information.  

Getting / TFC Everywhere Support

To get support for or TFC Everywhere please click  or copy this link to you browser:

Please USE the LIVE Support chat on right of the page to contact support.