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Effective Oct 1, 2010. ABS-CBN Canada has cancelled all consignment of TFC boxes to all their agents and dealers.  Therefore, there is no more local pick-ups. All purchases will be shipped by courier. FREE Shipping until further notice! 

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As if Jan 1, 2020: ALL Information on this website will be used for archiving purposes only for the old TFC IPTV video on Demand services.  


To subscribe to TFC The Filipino Channel is really simple: 

purchase a TFC box, avail any TFC Video-on-Demand service package, install and activate THEN watch & enjoy!



We have affiliated TFC Dealers throughout in Canada, so for your convenience, you can always order through us.


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 FREE shipping on any order anywhere in Canada! 

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"Pay ONLY $50 (on sale from $146) plus tax when you purchase the TFC box outright (limited time offer)"*

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The Filipino Channel (TFC) ships anywhere in Canada. All provinces and territories. Standard shipping is waived. Limited Time OFFER.

The Filipino Channel (TFC) shipping to British Columbia (Victoria), Alberta (Edmonton), Yukon (whitehorse), Northwest Territories (Yellowknife) and Saskatchewan (Regina) and Manitoba (Winnepeg) may take 5-10 business days when referred by residents of Ontario and eastern parts of Canada.

The Filipino Channel (TFC) shipping time to Ontario (Ottawa and Toronto, GTA), Quebec, New Brunswick (Fredericton), Nova Scotia (Halifax) Prince Edward Island (Charlottetown) and Newfoundland and Labrador (St. John's) may take 3-10 business days.



This website is not the official website of TFC Canada.  We, however, are the OFFICIAL TFC Canada Distributor. The Filipino Channel (TFC) is the ABSCBN's medium in reaching all the Filipinos over the world to connect back to their motherland, the Philippines though different technologies. TFCko or TFC is broadcasted from Manila through the internet over high speed broadband. TFCko, TFC, TFCnow, TFConDemand and other trademarks are owned by ABSCBN and other  trademarks are owned by respective owners. For official TFC Canada website click HERE. We strive to make sure all information is accurate and informative and current, however information are not guaranteed and subject to change without notice.  It is visitor's responsibility to verify information acquired and all information should be considered "as is". We take your privacy seriously and any information given to us is kept with utmost confidentiality.  If you have any question or comment, please email us at