As your authorized TFC Dealer / Distributors, we also have received many calls in the last months asking confirmations about certain TFC dealers offering TFC services at a very low price or 1 year free service or free life time service. As Kapamilya, we would like to make you aware that these are TFC scams that after your hard earned money. 

What we know about them at the moment are:

  •  they are posing as authorized TFC dealer like us
  • they are calling out (telemarketing) to people with TFC or a unsuspecting Filipino
  • They are offering 1 time payments for lifetime TFC service, or 1 year service or free TFC box for 1 year pre-paid TFC service at low rate
  • Obviously TFC box never arrives
Please be careful when dealing such sales scheme.

So, how would you know if offering is a scam or not?  Here are some guidelines to help you:

  1.  TFC Canada or ABS CBN Canada will not offer you a lifetime FREE access or even a 1 year free service for a one time fee.  The TFC subscription or service is $30.00/month for VIP package and $19.95/month for TFC Lite package.
  2. Any offering 'No contract' is most probably a scam too,  ABS CBN Canada has contract (1 year contract for VIP and 2 years for TFC LITE)  for new subscribers for more than 2 years now.  
  3. TFC box will only cost you $100 plus tax, any higher price is a scam.  
  4. TFC box can be purchased on outright ($100 plus tax) or installment payments plans for $8/months for 12 months.  Any other pricing schemes could be a potential scam.
  5. Discounted or FREE TFC box is a red flag for a possible scam. However, TFC Dealers are allowed to combine another promotion or gift with the TFC current promotions as their own in-house promotions and normally has to be authorized by ABS CBN Canada.
  6. TFC requires you to either pay for the 'outright payment' or the '1st payment' of the installment plan plus associated taxes. Any other kind of payment reduction scheme is not available.
  7. If you receive a TFC sales call, get a much details and check with our The Filipino Channel website if the offerings are the same before making any commitment. Also, it is better for you to order it by calling back yourself. Authorized Dealers should be able to give you contact numbers for additional inquiry or to place an order. 
  8. You can also call TFC customer service at 1-800-345-2465 to verify the offering is legit or simply verify the offering from other TFC Dealers.
Check out this news article from Balitang America covering this TFC Scam at
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