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Q.  What is the process of getting The Filipino Channel's TFCko or TFCnow Video On Demand (VOD) service?

It is easy to get the The Filipino Channel (TFC) service.

1. Buy or order the TFC IPTV box from TFC authorized dealers.

2. Install or hire someone to install the TFC box.

3. Activate the box by calling the number in the welcome screen

4. Enjoy!


Q. What are the  TFCko requirements?

1. TV

2. High Speed Internet (at least 1 Mbps speed)


Q. How much it will cost to have TFC box?

1. You need to purchase the TFCko or TFCnow box. It normally costs: $146.00 plus tax BUT there are always specials ongoing.  Check the SPECIALS page for more information.

2. Monthly subscription fee: $30.00 plus applicable taxes

3. Internet service: varies (check with your local internet provider)


Shipping: $19.99

Installation: varies (check with your IT Professional installer)


Q. How soon after I get the set top box will I be able to start watching TFC?

A. Once the TFCko® set top box is hooked up and activated you will be able start watching

your favorite programs immediately.


Q. Is TFCko the same as IP/TV?

A. Yes.

Q: What is IPTV?

IPTV - Internet Protocol Television - is a way of getting TV transmitted over a high-speed

(aka broadband) internet connection i.e. Bell Sympatico, Rogers,


Q. I reached my  Rogers' or Bell Sympatico internet usage quota, what can I do?

First, you need to understand that TFC box is like a computer downloading movies or files, it will use up some or a lot of your internet bandwidth. For Rogers and Bell Sympatic, they charges around $3 - $5 per Gigabyte over their limit. So, either change your viewing habit (watching less) or change ISP with better service and higher usage limits.  We recommend the latter.  There are so many options out there.


Q: How fast should my internet be?

TFCko requires a minimum of 1 Mbps but it is recommended to have faster.


Q. Will Rogers' Ultra Lite will work with TFCko?

No.  Rogers' Ultra does not pass the Minimum Internet Speed requirement for TFC Box. Either you upgrade to the next service level or change internet provider with unlimited usage (i.e


Q. Is TFCko / TFCNow /TFC Box easy to install?

YES. It is easy to setup. All instructions are included with the unit but you can hire a professional IT to install it for you.  For advance users, they can use WirelessTFC.


Q. What happens if the TV is in a different room to the broadband gateway/router?

If you can, the best option is to place your router next to the TV. Another option is to
provide Ethernet cabling from wherever the router is (usually the hall or study) to the TV.
Although not recommended by TFCko, the set top box does have a Wi/Fi Wireless B/G
capability. If you have a Wireless B/G router, you can set up the set top box to receive the
internet signal that way. You may experience some buffering interruptions using Wi-Fi. Check out


Q. What is TFCko WirelessTFC?

WilrelessTFC is when TFCko / TFCNow  boxes are configure to use its wireless capabilities. Users use the built-in wireless connectivity of the TFC Box to connect to their wireless routers. No more messy wirings all over your house? For more information check

Note:  ABS CBN The Filipino Channel technical support does not officially support this method of connecting the TFC box to your internet. They prefer using the "wired" connection to your router.


Q. Is TFCko Wireless easy to configure?

Yes.  BUT the challengin part is knowing how to set up your wireless network. You need a some wireless technology knowledge. For example, knowing  TFCko box uses only WEP technology. There is plenty of information in the internet about setting up wireless router. Check your wireless router manufacturer.  You can check out for some information that could help.  You can choose to hire a IT professional TFCko installers to help you configure your wireless network and TFCko Box.


When I use TFCKo WirelessTFC, I got a lot of buffering, why is that?

There are many reasons for buffering when using wirelessTFC. Main reason is slow internet service.  Assuming internet is OK, Low or poor radio signal  is usually the cause of the WirelessTFC buffering.  This could be more because of different reasons: TFC box is too far from the wireless router, faulty wireless router, bad internet connections or radio signal interference from other wireless devices such as cordless phones or microwaves. Power cycling the wireless router and TFCko box normally fixes this.

There is a blog (discussion) about buffering if you are experiencing excessive buffering. Click here