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Wanted: TFCko Dealers / Agents!

We are looking for highly motivated individuals, energetic, self starter with entrepreneurial spirit who would like to have an extra or full time income promoting and selling The Filipino Channel (TFC) IPTV -TFCko services on their local or surrounding areas in Ontario (GTA), Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, New Foundland & Labrador and any eastern parts of Canada. 

We are also interested with "individuals" or merchant stores with Filipino related merchandise or services who would advertise, promote and sell TFCko on their place of business.  This is also an effective and excellent business for individuals who just like to earn additional income even without a storefront. This is a legitimate business and there is no "startup" fee. We do not require any work or business experience. We just need your commitment, dedication and hardwork to make it work for yourself. Work at your own pace and convenience.  Use the internet and advertise on your social networks i.e. facebook, twitter, etc.  Just be creative! Tap on your hidden business skills.

This is on "commission" basis per activated TFCko box.  It is easy to sell because we will provide you with webinar or telephone trainings plus some marketing materials needed for you to be successful. But the product and its features will help you sell it.

Why not earn the money you need while sharing the joy of the Pinoy (Filipino) TV shows, news and movies our culture has to offer? Help us bring all Filipinos re-connected to their motherland, Philippines through TFCko, a video-on-demand technology through internet broadband. Video-on-Demand allows you to watch whatever and whenever with your very own remote in front of you big screen TV. You have full control and choices of over 10,000 hours of Pinoy programmings updated daily.   This is new and advanced technology bringing Philippines to everyone in the world! 

Also, ever wanting your kids to learn Filipino language and culture? TFCko is your help.  Expose them to our rich Filipino (Pinoy) culture through TV and internet by letting them watch TFCko programming and shows about our country Phillippines.  There is a show for any age.

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Are you going over your internet usage limit paying extra to Bell or Rogers? You think you are paying too much for your internet access?

Great news for you!  There is now unlimited internet designed for TFCko.  No more worries about exceeding your limit and best of all it is more affordable than Rogers or Bell internet service. You do not have to pay too much to be entertained! Visit for details.