Much-awaited big screen team-up of JodIan and JoChard, all set to capture the hearts of audiences worldwide (soon enough it will be available on our TFC IPTV platform):

June 29, 2016 (Quezon City, Philippines) – Fans of Filipino romantic – comedies are in for the biggest celebration of love and its interesting twists as Star Cinema’s much-awaited “The Achy Breaky Hearts” starring three of the most exciting names in Philippine entertainment, unfolds worldwide via TFC@theMovies this coming week.

After conquering the hearts of television viewers in the phenomenal “Be Careful With My Heart” and “Pangako Sa `Yo,” Ian Veneracion, Jodi Sta. Maria and Richard Yap are set to triple the excitement as they come together in the romantic-comedy (romcom) helmed by the award-winning Antoinette Jadaone.  

“The Achy Breaky Hearts” is about love that comes at the most unexpected time and love that’s not entirely lost. In the movie, Sta. Maria plays Chinggay, a thirty something successful career woman who may seem to have it all – intelligence and looks – but seem to have not yet found the right love.

According to Jadaone, the movie is attuned to the times when society can be judgmental of ladies ofChinggay’s age.  “Tina-tackle dito iyong tingin ng mga tao sa thirty year old up na something na babae na kapag single siya, parang may mali sa kaniya. Bakit ka single? Kailan ka mag-aasawa?  Parang kung single ka at this age, para kang may sakit.  Single siya (Chinggay) for the longest time pero pinatotohanan niya yung when it rains it pours.”  (The movie delves on thirty something women who are judged just because they are still single at their age.  Usual questions thrown to them are: why are they single and when are they getting married.  It’s as if people who are single at this age are stricken with some kind of illness. In the end, Chinggay proves that when it rains, it pours.”)

Sta. Maria who has worked with both Yap and Veneracion is excited to play the role of Chinggay and opposite the two good-looking leading men.  

However, Sta. Maria says she would not want to be in Chinggay’s shoes in real life. “Iyong babaeng single na nape-pressure ka na magka-boyfriend (BF) tulad ni Chinggay.  Would you settle for someone just because atat kang magka-BF or feeling mo napag-iwanan ka?”  (I wouldn’t want to be Chinggay, the kind of woman who may be pressured to have a boyfriend.  But the question is will she settle for someone just because she wants to be in a relationship already, more so, because wants to keep up with other ladies her age?)  Sta Maria asks.

Yap who plays Frank (dubbed Tsinoy) plays her ex-boyfriend of five years who makes a comeback, but already different from who he was before.  Yap said what this movie tries to give viewers is an assessment of what one really needs “Ano ba talaga ang hinahanap mo sa pag-ibig?” (What does one want out of love?)

Just as the ex makes a comeback, Veneracion who plays Ryan (tagged Tisoy), a man who recently got ditched by his girlfriend, enters the scene. 

The appearance of the two men in Chinggay’s life may have ended the seven-year ‘drought’ for Sta Maria but leaves her confused.

Veneracion’s takeaway on Chinggay’s situation is more on the need - to have a boyfriend or not at that age just to prove anything.  “Kasi there are two kinds of love dito.  How do you choose ‘pag ang babae dumarating sa certain age. ‘Bakit wala ka pang BF?  “Bakit wala ka pang asawa?’ ‘Bakit’ questions.  Kailangan ba talagang meron?  Kailangan bang kunin iyong happiness mo sa iba?” (There are two kinds of love here [love for another and oneself].  When a lady comes into your life, you ask, why is she still unmarried? The question is – does she really need to have one? Does one need to derive happiness from another individual?)

Joining the star-studded cast of "The Achy Breaky Hearts" are Beauty Gonzales, Sarah Lahbati, Desiree Del Valle, Erika Padilla, Denise Joaquin, Khalil Ramos, Sharmaine Buencamino, Miles Ocampo, Liza Lorena, Rey Abellana, and more.

“The Achy Breaky Hearts” will capture the hearts of movie fans worldwide starting July 8 in North America and Saipan; July 9 in Europe; and July 14 in the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand.

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