We are proud to announce a new TFC Canada promotion to all MyRemit customers! Limited time offer (May 1 to June 30, 2015)

Promo offer:  Receive 2 months FREE TFC with any new TFC IPTV subscription when you have remitted money thru MyRemit this 2015.


1.  MyRemit customers who will subscribe to TFC will enjoy 2 months free subscription.  The 2 months free subscription will be applied on the first 2 months of the subscription period.  That means, no need to collect the initial payment.  (For the customer's convenience, you are encourage to enroll your credit card or bank account for the subsequent monthly subscription payment, which will be collected starting on the 3rd month). 

2.  Promo period is from 01MAY2015 - 30JUN2015. 

3.  Proof to be presented is the MyRemit transaction receipt.  If this is not available, and the buyer is the MyRemit customer, it will just be indicated in the SAF.  To write:  "MYREMIT CUSTOMER:   __________________." 

If the TFC Customer is not a MyRemit customer, you will need to remit first using MyRemit, or if you are living with anybody on the same address a MyRemit customer already, TFC Customer will advise the name of MyRemit customer in the same house.  To write in the SAF:  "MYREMIT CUSTOMER: __________________." 

Note: Name of MyRemit customer and the addresses will be validated by TFC Customer Service Representative (CSR). 

4.  The TFC Customer or the person living with him/her should have remitted through MyRemit in 2015.  This will be validated by CSR.  Promo will not be applicable to those who has not remitted in 2015. 

5.  Promo Name to be written in the Subscription Form:  "MR 2 MONTHS PROMO." 

6.  You are advised that there is a lock up (contract) period of 14 month (1 year plus 2 free months). The early cancellation charge ($100) will be collected from the customer due to cancellation.  If not paid on time, TFC Collecting Agency will handle the collection.

Please contact us at 1-888-400-7996 if you need further information or clarification. Note: Promo is subject to change without notice.