Promotion runs from October 1, 2015 to October 31. (Limited Time Offer)

 Effective 01OCT2015, for three (3) months, new subscribers will enjoy 50% discount on their subscription fees: 




a.     The TFC contract pre-termination penalties will be strictly enforced.  Pre-termination penalty is applied to all who will cancel within the contract.  Pre-termination fee is $125.  Plus $100 will also be charged to the customer for the Set Top Box (STB).  A credit memo will be issued to the customer on return of the STB.  Please go through the Terms and Conditions at the website or at back of the SAF on a) “ORDER CANCELLATION PRIOR TO ACTIVATION, and b)  “CANCELLATION OF TFC SUBSCRIPTION and PRE-TERMINATION.”

b.    Initial payment equivalent to one month subscription fee will apply on the discounted rate (50%). It secures the order and we take advance payment. Please refer to above rates.  Rates mentioned above are still exclusive of the applicable provincial taxes (to be added).


Other conditions: 




Effective 01OCT2015, our Refer A Friend (RAF) promo will only apply to the referrer or the one who referred.  One month free subscription will be awarded to the Referrer.  No free month to be awarded to the referred or the new subscriber.  The new subscriber will enjoy the 50% discount.