As TFC Canada Dealer we are always asked the difference between TFC on Cable and TFC IPTV Video on Demand aka TFC on Demand here in Canada.  So, we put together some helpful information to answer this common question.

TFC on Cable

Service Required -   Digital Cable Subscription 
Hardware Required - Digital Cable Box
TFC Viewing Hours per Day - 6-12 hours
TFC shows - Current shows available only
Replay capability - NO
Area of Availability - Parts of Canada only
Monthly cost besides required service - Up to $16.95

TFC on Demand (IPTV) 

Service Required Hi-Speed Internet (at least 2 Mbps)
Hardware Required -   TFC Set Top Box
TFC Viewing Hours per Day -     Unlimited (since you can watch older episodes)
TFC shows For TFC Lite - Current shows only, 
VIP package - Current show plus 10,000 hours of archived teleseryes plus
classic movies, current sports, and special events, streaming radio and
News channel
Replay capability - Yes, Pause, Fast Forward & Rewind
Area of Availability Anywhere in Canada where High-Speed Internet service is available
Monthly cost besides required service - LITE - $19.95  VIP - $30

Many TFC on Cable subscribers had transferred to TFC on Demand due to its video-on-demand convenience and the ability to watch older episodes.  Other find it more convenient to use TFC on cable since they do not have internet service or part of a bundle package. We hope you were able to spot the main difference that will suite your need.  Your need will determine which of the services you will choose unless you are in the area where TFC on Cable is not available.  Either way, we thank you for choosing TFC. Happy Watching! I hope this articles helps.