New TFC Show on Drama Section Premiered last July 2, 2012:


Lorenzo's Time


Time was running too fast for a young boy who was aging too soon. Lorenzo is a 10-year 
 old boy suffering from progeria, a rapid-aging disease. As his family search for a cure to 
 his rare condition, Lorenzo's family is placed in cryonic sleep to stop his aging while a cure 
 is being developed for him. He wakes up 30 years later to find that his mother is dead, his father
  is missing, and that he has lost the family fortune. All these will lead him to a journey as he tries to 
 reclaim the family that he lost while he was sleeping. How will make up for lost time and will he ever 
 reconnect with his loved ones?

Stars: Zaijan Jaranilla, Carmina Villaroel, Ms. Amy Austria, Joel Torre, Alfred Vargas, James Blanco, Rommel Padilla and Ms. Gina Pareno 


Genre: Family Light-Drama

Airing date and schedule:
Starting July 2, 2012, the series is expected to run for three (3) months. 


Lorenzo's Time Official Trailer