SYNOPSIS: Kapag Puso ay Masugatan

This is the story of Agnes and Veronica --- two girls who have been friends since childhood. They have a very close relationship with each other, and see themselves as more than sisters.They grew up in the streets, helped each other in good times and in bad times, and learned how to live both in legal and illegal ways. However, they got separated and thought that the other was dead. As they grow up, their paths will cross again. It was Veronica who first met Jaime and his son, Rafael. These men will be the instruments for the reunion of the two girls, and will also be the people who will make their hearts beat, make them fall in love, test their dignity as a person & destroy their bond. In the end, they will be able to find themselves back as they found love and forgiveness in each other.

Stars: Iza Calzado, Andi Eigenmann, Jake Cuenca and Gabby Concepcion 

Genre: Adult Drama

Airing date and schedule:
Starts July 7, 2012, the series is expected to run for three (3) months.