As an authorized TFC Canada Distributor, many times we receive calls from existing TFC customers who are considering to cancel TFC service because they find it pricey.  However, upon asking questions before I pass them to TFC customer service, I found most of them do not want to really cancel the service because of the amazing programmings in TFC. It's just they found that their budget cannot sustain the service.  I can understand that but at the end I able to persuade them to keep the TFC service. Even though, I do not get any commission or even a 'thank you' from ABS CBN, I still do my best to keep customers when I can even though they are not my direct customers. So you know,  I get a 'one time commission' for every new TFC box activated.  The keywords are 'new' and 'activated'.  No activation, no commission pay. So, entertaining any existing customer will not put any additional income on my pocket from ABS-CBN. Literally, there is really no incentive for me to keep helping any existing customer.  Actually, I even loss money doing that since they tend to call my TOLL free number which costs me 6 cents per minute. It takes an average on 15 minutes per call just to get someone to talk. So, why I keep doing this?  Simply because, I like helping others. To keep good customer service and relation and perhaps one day, they will send referrals to me.

How do I keep them as a TFC customer?  Simple, I teach them how to save money on their TFC bill. I helped them reduce their TFC bill.

Here are some of the strategies I suggest to existing TFC customers that effectively helps:

  1. If the customer is on TFC VIP package ($30/month subscription), I asked them to downgrade to TFC Lite especially if they only need the 'current' news and shows.  That's a $10 savings every month.  Please note though that if they are within contract period of 12 month when they switch. They will extend your remaining contract with another 12 months. This really does not bother most since they really want to keep the TFC.
  2. Refer, refer and refer ... by referring ABS CBN rewards any current TFC subscriber for any successful referral.  At the time of writing of this article. ABS-CBN is giving away 2 months FREE for every successful TFC referral.  Also, there is no limit on how many referrals you can do. More on TFC referral program. Call 1-888-400-7996 to start referring.
  3. Sign-up to be an TFC Sub-Agent under my company. All the current customer will need to do is enroll online to be a TFC Agent and to simply keep referring. Besides from they could potentially receive the referral award from ABS CBN.  I also, provide a small 'finders' fee for every successful referral.  Important note: to receive the finders fee, one must be enrolled in TFC sub-agent program. Click here to enroll.
  4. Here are some general suggestions especially if customer is not on 'unlimited' internet service or keeps going over their internet monthly usage, I suggested the following things to do to get additional savings:
    • change current internet provider to unlimited or with higher monthly usage allowance, there are a lot of options out there now. Shop around because there are internet providers out there where you can get a much cheaper internet service than the leading cable or phone internet providers.
    • considering pausing or stopping the show when going away from TV for a period of time.  This way, you will avoid restarting / replay the show or rewinding.  This will save some internet usage.
    • consider turning off TFC box (and TV) when not watching. This way, it save electricity
    • watch TFC as a family.  It is fun to watch it with another person(s).
I hope this helps you, as the reader. If I think of something more how to save.  I will update this TFC article. If you have any comment or suggestion, please fill free to contact us at