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November 2016 TFC Canada Website Promo

November 7, 2016
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Ultimate Kilig-Fest : "The Achy Breaky Hearts" is at the movies this July 2016

June 30, 2016
Much-awaited big screen team-up of JodIan and JoChard, all set to capture the hearts of audiences worldwide (soon enough it will be available on our TFC IPTV platform):

June 29, 2016 (Quezon City, Philippines) – Fans of Filipino romantic – comedies are in for the biggest celebration of love and its interesting twists as Star Cinema’s much-awaited “The Achy Breaky Hearts” starring three of the most exciting names in Philippine entertainment, unfolds worldwide via TFC@theMovies this coming week.

After conquering the hearts of television viewers in the phenomenal “Be Careful With My Heart” and “Pangako Sa `Yo,” Ian Veneracion, Jodi Sta. Maria and Richard Yap are set to triple the excitement as they come together in the romantic-comedy (romcom) helmed by the award-winning Antoinette Jadaone.  

“The Achy Breaky Hearts” is about love that comes at the most unexpected time and love that’s not entirely lost. In the movie, Sta. Maria plays Chinggay, a thirty something successful career woman who may seem to have it all – intelligence and looks – but seem to have not yet found the right love.

According to Jadaone, the movie is attuned to the times when society can be judgmental of ladies ofChinggay’s age.  “Tina-tackle dito iyong tingin ng mga tao sa thirty year old up na something na babae na kapag single siya, parang may mali sa kaniya. Bakit ka single? Kailan ka mag-aasawa?  Parang kung single ka at this age, para kang may sakit.  Single siya (Chinggay) for the longest time pero pinatotohanan niya yung when it rains it pours.”  (The movie delves on thirty something women who are judged just because they are still single at their age.  Usual questions thrown to them are: why are they single and when are they getting married.  It’s as if people who are single at this age are stricken with some kind of illness. In the end, Chinggay proves that when it rains, it pours.”)

Sta. Maria who has worked with both Yap and Veneracion is excited to play the role of Chinggay and opposite the two good-looking leading men.  

However, Sta. Maria says she would not want to be in Chinggay’s shoes in real life. “Iyong babaeng single na nape-pressure ka na magka-boyfriend (BF) tulad ni Chinggay.  Would you settle for someone just because atat kang magka-BF or feeling mo napag-iwanan ka?”  (I wouldn’t want to be Chinggay, the kind of woman who may be pressured to have a boyfriend.  But the question is will she settle for someone just because she wants to be in a relationship already, more so, because wants to keep up with other ladies her age?)  Sta Maria asks.

Yap who plays Frank (dubbed Tsinoy) plays her ex-boyfriend of five years who makes a comeback, but already different from who he was before.  Yap said what this movie tries to give viewers is an assessment of what one really needs “Ano ba talaga ang hinahanap mo sa pag-ibig?” (What does one want out of love?)

Just as the ex makes a comeback, Veneracion who plays Ryan (tagged Tisoy), a man who recently got ditched by his girlfriend, enters the scene. 

The appearance of the two men in Chinggay’s life may have ended the seven-year ‘drought’ for Sta Maria but leaves her confused.

Veneracion’s takeaway on Chinggay’s situation is more on the need - to have a boyfriend or not at that age just to prove anything.  “Kasi there are two kinds of love dito.  How do you choose ‘pag ang babae dumarating sa certain age. ‘Bakit wala ka pang BF?  “Bakit wala ka pang asawa?’ ‘Bakit’ questions.  Kailangan ba talagang meron?  Kailangan bang kunin iyong happiness mo sa iba?” (There are two kinds of love here [love for another and oneself].  When a lady comes into your life, you ask, why is she still unmarried? The question is – does she really need to have one? Does one need to derive happiness from another individual?)

Joining the star-studded cast of "The Achy Breaky Hearts" are Beauty Gonzales, Sarah Lahbati, Desiree Del Valle, Erika Padilla, Denise Joaquin, Khalil Ramos, Sharmaine Buencamino, Miles Ocampo, Liza Lorena, Rey Abellana, and more.

“The Achy Breaky Hearts” will capture the hearts of movie fans worldwide starting July 8 in North America and Saipan; July 9 in Europe; and July 14 in the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand.

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TFC Canada 2016 Summer Saya Promo is now available

June 20, 2016
Due to its popularity from the winter promo, TFC Canada has brought back the 50% discount on the first 3 months of the TFC IPTV subscription plus FREE box and complimentary shipping and handling to first time subscibers.  Also, along side it, is the Refer-a-Friend promo where the referrer will receive a month free credit for every successful referral. Get the TFC premium as best value since it comes with loads of benefit such as complimentary service we call TFC Everywhere  - ability to watch TFC online on smart phones where app can be installed. It is on a limited time offer until July 31 however, like any other promotions it can be removed at any time without warning by TFC Canada.  So, for those who want to save and take advantage of the promo, get yours now while it is still available.

TFC Christmas Promo 2015

October 1, 2015

Promotion runs from October 1, 2015 to October 31. (Limited Time Offer)

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TRIP NA TREAT - 2015 TFC Summer Promo

May 28, 2015

Promo runs from May 22 to August 22, 2015

Promo Mechanics

1. Who can join and how many eTickets can be won?

Who Can Join: 
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May 1, 2015
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TFC 20 Years Anniversary Party

May 10, 2014
TFC celebrates 20 years with One Kapamilya Go!


Bea - John Lloyd magic still evident after 10 years

September 19, 2012

Bea - John Lloyd magic still evident 
after 10 years 


Quezon City, Philippines, September 18, 2012—After 3 years, Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz reunite in a film that marks their love team’s 10th anniversary and that proves that the love team’s magic continues - “The Mistress.”  In a star-studded premiere last September 11, ABS-CBN Corporation executives Gabby Lopez III, and Freddie Garcia Jr. and stars like Ai-ai delas Alas and Pinoy Big Brother season four winner Slater Young witnessed how fans swarmed the movie couple and marveled at how they continue to move the audience.

With the premier just finished and the international screenings kicking off in Europe via the very successful Nice, France premier and in New Zealand special screenings, Filipinos all over the world who are fans of the love team since theteleserye “Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay,” are also very eager to see the reel couple in TFC screenings of the Star Cinema special offering worldwide. 

While apart, Bea and John Lloyd have pursued projects that have set individual milestones in their acting career. On television, Bea Alonzo scored her first title role in the Filipino version of “Betty La Fea” and earned raves for her film “And I Love You So.” John Lloyd on the other hand, scored blockbuster movie hits in “You Changed My Life,” “A Very Special Love” and “My Amnesia Girl” as well as via television in “Betty La Fea” and “Imortal.”  

Together again after 3 years since they made “Miss You Like Crazy,” Bea and John Lloyd are set to equal, if not surpass the love team’s prior achievements like one of the most loved films of all time - “One More Chance.” The movie “The Mistress” features Bea and John Lloyd in their most daring performances ever.
Bea Alonzo, who plays the title role says “Honestly, bawat project ay iniisip namin baka last na, kagaya ng 'One More Chance' at 'Miss You Like Crazy,' pero hindi. Kaya sobra po talaga ang pasasalamat namin sa mga naniwala at sumusuporta sa amin sa loob ng 10 taon."  

According to director Olivia Lamasan, “This film is very important to me kasi naging parte ako ng 10 years ng John Lloyd-Bea love team. Isa ako sa bumuo sa kanilang love team in the 2002 TV hit ‘Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay,’ which was the launching teleserye of John Lloyd,” she remembers.  The movie also marks a milestone as it tackles an unconventional theme with a unique twist.

“The Mistress” is about a benefactor, his wife, the mistress and the latter’s lover.  The benefactor portrayed by seasoned actors Ronaldo Valdez is a man who takes on a mistress nearly half his age in the person of Bea.  The wife is portrayed by veteran actress Hilda Koronel (who came back from the United States just for the film) who holds on to love despite being hurt by the man he loves several times to different women.  John Lloyd plays a man who pursues Bea despite her involvement with a married man.  Bea is the mistress who has a deep reason for getting involved with a committed man.  But her love for her benefactor becomes unsteady with the entry of John Lloyd as a persistent suitor.  

Lamasan muses “What’s also appealing about the film is that kuwento siya ng flawed characters. All of them are flawed but all of them have a heart and in getting to know them, you would symphatize and empatize with them.”  Lamasan is the award-winning director behind the highly acclaimed “In The Name of Love” and “In My Life.”

Witness the unique twists to a timeless story on love and a different take on infidelity.  Most of all, marvel at how the story unfolds despite complicated circumstances.  

Filipinos in Canada can watch the movie on September 28-October 11 in the following theatres:

Square One - Empire Studio 10 
100 City Centre Drive
Mississauga, ON L5B 2C9

Coliseum Scarborough 
300 Borough Dr. Scarborough, 
ON, M1P 4P5 

Cineplex Northgate Winnipeg 
1399 McPhillips Street, 
Winnipeg MB, R2V 3C4 
(204) 334-6234 

Sunridge Spectrum Cineplex 
2555-32nd St N.E. 
Calgary, Alberta T1Y7J6 

Cineplex- Movies 12 Edmonton 
5074 130th Ave., 
Edmonton Alberta T5A5A9 

Cineplex Odeon International Village Cinemas 
88 West Pender Street, 
Vancouver, BC V6B 6N9 
Empire Studio 12- Guildford 
15051 101 Avenue  Surrey, BC V3R 7Z1
(604) 581-1716

To get to know more of "The Mistress," log on to and


Reference :
Marianne de Vera
0917 521 8380 (MOBILE)
02 4152272 (LANDLINE) (EMAIL), (WEBSITE)

Vice Ganda in Unkabogable Concert Tour 2012

August 17, 2012
JREM Entertainment in association with TFC 

with special guest: CRISTINE REYES
September 8, 2012 at 8PM at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre
For Tickets & Sponsorship Information: 
NENENG 647.401.5818, RENE 647.995.1746
OPHIE 416.570.1568, AURORA 905.890.0546
ELVIE 416.856.9401, DEXTER 647.862.5281

A Tribute To Our King Of Comedy - Salamat Tito Dolphy

July 13, 2012 pays homage to the Philippines' one and only Comedy King, Dolphy. We invite you to visit the special pages we have created which will carry numerous classic content and free videos. We are building the inventory by adding Dolphy's most recent films and all ABS-CBN Specials and programs featuring the King of Comedy. 

Please click on the following links to see the actual pages on the site. 

On IPTV, you may find on TFC the 4-part coverage of the  Necrological Mass and Red Carpet Tribute of ABS-CBN to Comedy King Dolphy tagged as Salamat, Tito Dolphy under the Specials category. Video on demand of the ABS-CBN-produced documentary, Dolphy: Ang Hari ng Komedya as well as the special coverage of the funeral rites and interment will also be available under the same category. 

MMK's Dolphy episode will be added as the latest episode of the program on July 14.

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